Mark and Anne Marie Winz


Thank you for your interest in our publishing ministries with Cru's magazine, Worldwide Challenge, and Writing for Life (above, at our most recent training in Colorado).

In Worldwide Challenge, we're working to cover international ministries, including:

  • how a well and pump in Zimbabwe is opening hearts to the gospel, 
  • a campus ministry in Paris as that city reels from recent attacks, and 
  • a story, by Anne Marie, focusing on an outreach to high school students in Ecuador. 

Closer to home, we're working on stories about:

  • campus ministry by deaf students for deaf students in New York, 
  • a way churches are serving military veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and 
  • a couple who moved into one of Portland's more troubled neighborhoods to show Christ to their neighbors. 

Would you join us in praying for three things?

  • First, pray for our opportunities to take communications training to others in full-time ministry.
  • Second, pray for us as we seek to develop additional ministry funding in light of increasing needs.
  • Third, pray for good communication with our ministry staff members and leaders around the world as we plan upcoming magazine stories and possible trips for Writing for Life training. 

Mark and Anne Marie each have more than 30 years of publishing experience. As editor in chief, Mark leads the team that plans, produces, markets and distributes Worldwide Challenge magazine. Anne Marie is coordinating a new online training for writers, Writing for Life (at, and helps lead a neighborhood Bible study for women.

Mark has served as a writer and photographer for Worldwide Challenge in Asia, as the magazine's photo department manager, and as managing editor and executive editor. Anne Marie has served as a writer, associate editor, correspondent from Asia, and writers' training coordinator.


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