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The task of reaching every person in the world is immense, yet the Lord calls each of us to do our part. We believe every person should have at least one chance to hear the gospel in their own language; currently the film "JESUS" is in more than 1,800 languages. Exposures to the gospel have increased by the billions in recent years! There is still much to do, and many people to reach.

A different approach was needed to take the gospel to the hardest to reach people groups.

To go where there is little or no Christian work being done, the Jesus Film Project created JESUS Film Mission Trips (JFMT). JFMT recruits volunteers to join us on a two-week mission trip to the Unreached People Groups of the world. JFMT partners with indigenous Christian ministries to help them expand into new areas. The indigenous ministry does the ongoing follow-up with those that have indicated an interest in following Jesus Christ. Where an indigenous ministry doesn't exist, JFMT provides the catalyst to start a ministry.

JFMT sends out about 40 mission trips each year. My role is to help recruit and prepare these teams. We send teams out every month of the year, most into very challenging locations where the work is done discretely. Hearing the reports of churches being planted, tribal chiefs and entire villages coming to Christ, make it all worth the effort!

Through your financial partnership you will help us to send out mission teams for The JESUS Film Project and help to finish the task of giving every person at least one chance to hear. Click Give a Gift above to make a single gift or choose to give monthly.

Thank you for partnering with us to take the gospel to Unreached People Groups!


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