Greg and Linda Stoughton


Dear partner or prospective partner in prayer and giving, 

We thank you so much for the vital role you play - or can play - in helping to change lives for Jesus for eternity through us. 

With 28 years of ministry experience with Cru, we are more passionately committed than ever to employ our God-given gifts and abilities to help fulfill God's Great Commission: Opportunities to collaborate with the Body of Christ, connecting others to opportunities, lead, coach, teach and speak messages and the gospel of Jesus Christ abound. In fact, how can we serve you, your men's group, church or retreat? While we press after many large and lofty goals, we aim to never lose sight of helping to touch a life or lives God brings our way (neighbors, friends, family, random folk). Email if we can consider serving you in any way. 

Greg serves as Partnership and Projects Coordinator, Office of the President of Cru. The past 11 years, he has been privileged to work closely both with, and in support of, Cru president Steve Douglass. Done only via God-dependence, in the power of His Holy Spirit, recent fruit helping to shape God's Kingdom includes (and is not limited to) such items as strengthening Cru global leader communication; strategic leadership of a presidents staff team comprised of many leaders, serving in multiple arenas of internal and external (collaborative) ministry; leading a restructure of Cru global prayer to ignite greater Kingdom-based prayer in coorperation with global prayer igniters/leaders; and the launch, facilitation and support of a President's Partnership Group fostering initiatives of evangelism and discipleship being used by hindred of thousands of believers.  

Linda provides administrative support for Jesus Film Missions Trips teams - a ministry film now translated into more than 1700 languages. Access multiple Jesus Film resources for free by downloading to your smart phone the J-Film App. 

Kyle (24) was recently commissioned as fulltime staff of Cru. He will serve the campus ministry at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Ryan (age 18) is a hig school senior. 

Our history on staff includes two years in East Asia (2006-08) where we helped pioneeer sports ministry there. Prior to that, Greg served as director of operations and Director of Communications and Communications Director for Athletes in Action of Cru. 

Greg's Book - life and faith story - Born Wrong, Made Right: Thinking Differently to Unleash Your Potential, was released July 2017.  It is available on  More info on his life and our ministry, including some of our most recent newsletter reports, appears at 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. 

Yours in Christ's gratitude,

 Greg and Linda 



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