Allen and Deedee Iobst


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Allen was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in southeastern Michigan. He accepted Jesus during high school. He graduated from college in 1989. Deedee was raised in Flint, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State University in 1991. While in high school, she received a New Testament outside her school from the Gideons, God used it as she read through it to prepare her heart for when a student at MSU explained the message of Christ´s salvation to her the following year.

When we graduated from college, both of us decided to join the staff of Cru because we wanted to help give others the same opportunities we had to know Jesus personally, and to grow in that relationship.

Due to large unemployment rates in their home countries, many N0rth afr1cans emigrate to Europe seeking work. Periodically, especially at vacation times, they return in large numbers to visit their families in N0rth afr1ca and bring them money and gifts. They travel by car or bus to a port town (like Algeciras where we live) and wait in long lines to board a ferry boat that will take them across the Mediterranean or the Straits of Gibraltar.

We meet traveling N0rth afr1cans at European port cities and rest areas along the highways, offering them the Word of God in their language. We give them packets containing the New Testament, a DVD of a version of the JESUS Film, Josh McDowell`s More Than A Carpenter, and evangelistic activity books for the kids. Every packet tells them how to enter a personal relationship with God though Jesus Christ -- no matter their language, literacy, or age.

While we distribute Gospel packets at the port year-round, we also help plan and run a summer mission project in which hundreds of people join us in the outreach from all over the world. Alongside the outreach activity we have a spiritual enrichment program. As one participant told me afterwards: You don't just care for those we distribute to, but you care for us and our well-being and spiritual development as well.

We also bring Christians from the Midd1e East and N0rth afr1ca to take part in evangelism and discipleship training programs. These Ar@bic-speaking believers practice what they are learning on the port, talking about Jesus with interested travelers. Each year, hundreds of N0rth afr1cans pray to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. God is using this ministry to make a difference in the lives of the people, churches and nations of N0rth afr1ca.

The packets we distribute contain inserts containing information that enable the recipient to find out more about the message of Jesus, and contact a Christian with his or her questions about Jesus, Christianity, or the Bible. Follow-up centers correspond with them. We seek to help people who have come to faith through this ministry to join their local church, if there is one. We are also developing a network of believers throughout N0rth afr1ca and Europe who can personally visit and instruct new Christians as they grow in their faith in Jesus.

For more information, please email us at You may also ask us for the Operation Transit website address.  For security reasons, I do not want to list that web site here, but you can find out more about the Jesus Film, which we distribute through our ministry at


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