Allen and Deedee Iobst


Allen was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in southeastern Michigan. He accepted Jesus during high school. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1989. Deedee was raised in Flint, Michigan. When someone with the Gideons there gave her a New Testament, she read it in its entirety. So she was ready and dedicated her life to Christ the following year at college, when some fellow students explained the gospel. She graduated from Michigan State University in 1991. After graduation, each of us decided to join the staff of Cru because we wanted to help give others the same opportunities we had been given to know and follow Jesus Christ and to grow in that relationship and in faith.

In 2000 we moved to the Straits of Gibraltar, the busiest travel point between Europe and Africa. Many people heading from one continent to the other travel by car or bus to a port city and wait in long lines to board the ferry boat that will take them across the water to their work or to their families on the other side. We help plan and run a mission project in which hundreds of people come from all over the world to join us in the work of distributing gospel packets at these ports in France, Spain, and Italy. Our teams meet the travelers and offer them the New Testament, a movie about the life of Christ, and other Christian materials in their language. The gospel packets we offer them explain how they can enter a personal relationship with God though Jesus Christ -- no matter their language, literacy, or age. The packets also tell them how to find out more about the message of Jesus, and how to contact someone for answers if they have any questions about Jesus, Christianity, or the Bible. Alongside the outreach, we have a spiritual enrichment program for the volunteers. As one participant told us afterwards: "You don't just care for those we distribute to, but you care for us and our well-being and spiritual development as well.” 

In 2019 we moved from Spain to France to continue this same ministry, now working out of our regional headquarters near Paris.

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