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We are currently giving leadership to AIA Sports Performance, which uses sports medicine and strength & conditioning professionals to share the Gospel. Billy Graham said, "A Coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime." Team physicians, athletic trainers and strength coaches may have an even greater influence as they  meet spiritual needs through meeting the physical needs of people every day. Our desire is to teach hundreds of these sports professionals how to share their faith with those whom they influence by giving them opportunities to experience ministry in their field of expertise. We are building community that leads to spiritual movements through online Bible studies, internships, competitive sports teams, educational mission trips and at AIA camps and projects. Through all of these, our focus is on pouring into our colleagues and students so they can be sent out to impact others.

Paul is also serving Cru as the US Crisis Manager and Area Crisis Manager for North America and Oceania. In this role he facilitates over 20 other staff serving as Crisis Managers. Just like Paul, nearly all of these staff have other primary roles within their ministry of Cru. This role requires Paul to stay informed on security matters around the world in order to respond to crises, develop and teach crisis response protocols, and make recommendations on whether staff should travel to high risk countries to do ministry. An athletic training career has prepared Paul well for this role, which has led him to meet and minister alongside several talented colleagues devoted to seeing the Gospel of Christ spread in every corner of the world.

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