Irvin Klaschus


From computer software to animation to virtual reality…  Our ministry since 1986 has been to serve with the Jesus Film Project and be part of a team to help bring the latest innovations to the task of bringing the gospel message to the entire world.  We make films and innovative digital media tools that make it easy for people to share Jesus with everyone they know.

In 1987 Irv started writing software to help speed up the translation process for the JESUS film.  Now, with over 1,750 translations (and hundreds more in process) one of his recent projects was Legion, a computer animated retelling of the healing of the Gadarene Demoniac .  Since it was based on already existing JESUS film dialog, it is now freely available in over 32 languages.  Four more films, similarly based on reusing JESUS or Magdalena dialog, are now in the early planning stages.  We're even looking in to virtual production and augmented reality applications that will become increasingly common in the coming years.

If you love the JESUS film and like to see the latest innovations applied to bringing the gospel to people, join with us!  You can be a prayer partner by joining our email prayer list and checking in on our blog.  As faith missionaries, all of our salary and ministry expenses are paid entirely by the generous gifts of partners like you.  You can be a part of this from the ‘Give a Gift’ box to the right!

Thanks for your part with us in the work of sharing the good news about Jesus!


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