Dave and Phoebe Pritchett


     "Phoebe and I are proud to announce the arrival of our 5th child - Theodore Rockett Pritchett! He arrived safely on Feb. 3rd, 2018. Theodore means 'God's gift' and he certainly is that!

     Your prayers & gifts meet the daily needs of our growing family, so we can work full-time creating digital tools to help people come to know and grow deeper in Jesus Christ.      

We deeply appreciate your sacrifice for us and His Kingdom work through your giving and prayers."

     - Dave, for the whole family 

Thanks for giving Phoebe & I the privilege and opportunity to minister to both non-Christians and Christians all over the world! We can't imagine our family serving Christ in any better way!

I (Dave) have served the Lord through Cru for over 30 years. Phoebe joined me in 2010. For over 20 years I've had the honor of serving God, ministering His grace and truth to middle school, high school, college students and adults of all ages. I've seen God draw many lost people to himself; and then seen them follow Him fervently - growing in their faith to reach others. God is so faithful to honor His Word and His servants - so that He alone would receive the glory! Sharing Christ, discipling, and coaching volunteer leaders has been such a joy.

Taking all that field experience, I've returned to my engineering education and now serve with the Jesus Film, creating digital strategies and partnerships globally. 


Our team creates, builds and launches projects designed to Unify and Coordinate the efforts of hundreds of churches, missions organizations, para-church ministries and individual believers. All of this is to help believers live for Christ locally, nationally and globally - so everyone can know someone who truly follows Jesus. 

 At Jesus Film Digital, we build EXPERIENCES, TOOLS and STRATEGIES that integrate web sites, cell phone apps, social media and other technology to:

  1. REACH THE LOST globally online, independent of any believer being involved initially
  2. EMPOWER CHRISTIANS around the globe to SERVE God more effectively with their skills and talents, in order to BEAR FRUIT and MAKE DISCIPLES within the local Church. 

Our current project is Voke, a mobile app created to help believers start life-changing conversations with their friends simply by sharing a short video and offering to chat about it. Learn much more at VokeApp.com.​

There's 100's of 'How To' books, TV shows, people, and commercials that tell us every day they can change your life, but the truth is that the only real, transforming solution is found as people hear, understand, and begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By finding, empowering and equipping Christians to build new movements in their spheres of influence, thousands more people can begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus. That is what our work with Jesus Film Digital is all about!

Our family's mission is "To give our all to have an eternal impact in the lives of both Christians and non-Christians all over the world." This mission is motivating beyond description!

Thanks for your partnership!  May the Lord richly bless you.  - Dave and Phoebe

Website: http://vokeapp.com

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