Kent and Crystal Keller


Kent and Crystal Keller have served with Cru for over 27 years living both in the USA and in Australia during their tenure.

Kent has worked on a wide range of projects for Cru, such as leading the team that put our gospel presentations onto the iPhone, installing and managing email systems to allow missionary staff to communicate with each other and with individuals seeking God, as well as planning the infrastructure for the headquarters in Orlando and Melbourne, Australia. Even though primarily holding a technical role, Kent engages with college students when he has led the Headquarters Student Internships Summer Mission. Kent passionately wants students to learn to combine their skills, talents and spiritual gifts under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help fulfill the Great Commission.

One of Kent's roles is to ensure the compliance and security of credit card processing on sites like this one for Cru. (So rest assured, your donations here are well protected.) Kent has been recognized and given multiple industry certifications over the years, his most recent being Certified Information Services Security Professional.


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