Eric and Allison Foster


Our goal is to support the planting of 5 MILLION new churches in the most unreached areas of the world by 2025.

We are called to equip the Body of Christ with the resources and training that is needed to bring the gospel to everyone, everywhere - in their heart language.

Eric spent his first several years in ministry developing regionally-specific follow-up films for Africa, the Middle East, and India, as well as several other ministry films. He currently leads the "Global Mobilization" department of the Jesus Film, made up of several unique teams. His "Field Training" team leads mission trips and trains ministries on how to best use Jesus Film resources for evangelism, follow-up, and church planting. The "Training Strategies" team develops new training curricula to reach specific audiences. The "Equipment Strategies" team distributes equipment for local ministries to use in each area of the world through a network of distribution centers. Additionally, he leads the "Prayer Mobilization" team, dedicated to raising up prayer ignitors around the globe.

Allison has held a variety of roles in the Jesus film. She has helped Eric produce follow-up films, helped to prepare staff for ministry as well as traveled to countries to train locals on how to share their faith and expand the Kingdom. She has a passion for people and helping them become equipped to fulfill their calling. Allison currently serves our Jesus Film staff by ensuring we have enough staff, in jobs that are in line with their passions and abilities, and that they are healthy and cared for. When staff are in their best fit and ministered to, Jesus Film as a ministry can fulfill the calling that God has given us to reach the world for Him.

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