Debbie Barron


I've been on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ/Cru since 1993. I'm a graduate of Purdue University. I served with the Campus Ministry for 17 years, with Keynote for two years, and I currently serve with Jesus Film Project (JFP). The following story captures why I love the Jesus Film:

An Asian-American college student named Cheeia trusted Christ as her savior through the Cru student ministry at the University of Wisconsin-Steven's Point. After being equipped by the ministry to share her faith, she shared her testimony at a family reunion with 300 people in attendance. After Cheeia finished her story, 17 family members placed their faith in Christ!

But Cheeia realized that many of the family who were listening didn't speak English well. Since Cheeia isnt fluent in Hmong--her native tongue--she wondered what to do. Then she recalled that the Jesus Film is available in the Hmong language. Cheeia went to her computer, got online, and downloaded JESUS in Hmong. She showed the movie to all who wanted to view it, and twenty more family members accepted Christ as a result!

Those twenty people were able to hear Jesus speak in their heart language, and God used it to change them. The Word of God in a person's heart language--this is why the Jesus Film is so powerful. And it's now available in over 1800 languages and being shown to some of the most unreached people in the world!

My passion is to help people grow in Christ. I work with our Leadership Development and Human Resources team, and my vision is for our JFP missionaries to become the people God created them to be. My dream is for all of them to be spiritually and emotionally healthy so they can stay in the mission field for as long as God is calling them!

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