John and Pam Gaither


Pam serves with Jesus Film's Research and Development Team.  She draws on her years of experience in project management and team leadership to help other teams within Jesus Film identify and enact innovative solutions to ministry obstacles. She also continues to mentor  younger women on Cru staff.

As of Oct 6, 2023, John will continue to pursue creative ministry opportunities outside of Cru. Stay tuned for more details. 

"Thanks for considering a recurring gift or special contribution that allows us to follow God's call on our lives." 

A Little History: 

In Spring 1974, Pam comes to Christ through a random survey by Cru staff the first day of her junior year at Virginia Tech. Her new life in Christ would eventually lead her to join Cru in 1982.

In 1988 John is a bar band keyboardist in Arlington, Texas whose heart for following Jesus is renewed.  Before long, he has a vision for live music as a bridge to the gospel.

July 1993:  Just weeks after their wedding day God leads them to Keynote, Cru's creative arts division in Carmel, Indiana. 

2007: After many years touring with a number of bands, God enrolls John in an in-house "crash course film school" and establishes him as Keynote's lone filmmaker. As Keynote's Chief of Staff and the ministry's "token left brain" Pam also helps John produce four student films, three narrative shorts and several videos.

2014:  The Gaithers join the Film Production Team at Jesus Film Project in Orlando, Florida. John has exponential professional growth as art director and filmmaker. Pam is the team's Associate Director and resident pragmatist.

2021: As part of Jesus Film's Research and Development team, Pam helps other JF teams identify problems and overcome ministry obstacles.  ​John produced videos for the Communications Strategy Team in Digital Products and Services. 

Oct 2023: Pam continues to serve with the Jesus Film Project. God called John to leave Cru and take all he has learned from 30 years of creative ministry into new places. Stay tuned as the adventure continues ... 


John & Pam's Film Mission: our facebook page John's film reel a promo for the "God Tools" evangelism app​

Delighta surprising and poignant short about a world-class chef and his unlikely client

Jangled:  a short comedy that asks whether a petty thief truly "gets away with it"

Uninvited Guests: another short comedy illustrates how often outward success is a mask for inner brokenness Jesus Film's library of short and feature films 



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