Chris and Kristin Deckert


Chris and Kristin Deckert work with the The JESUS Film Project; a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ . Chris is the head of the Translation Department for an initiative to translate 865 unreached languages into the JESUS Film.  He leads a team researching, prioritizing, and conducting translation workshops while meeting with Bible translation agencies to facilitate the translation of the Gospel of Luke.

Kristin and Chris have worked with Campus Crusade for Christ since 1991 and 1994 respectively. Kristin earned her degree in political science and history from Rutgers University. God called her into CCC during the time between her junior and senior year. She felt led by God to use her talents to disciple and train students to follow Christ and live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Chris earned his Master's degree in computer cartography (mapping) from Virginia Tech. After working with many international students in graduate school, he felt God leading him to use his degree to help those who do not know Christ from around the world to hear the Good News. God led Chris to The JESUS Film Project where he was focused on mapping the effectiveness and locating areas needs of CCC and the JESUS Film around the world.

Chris also helps to coordinate the World Missions Atlas Project WorldMAP. Chris uses his maps created for the JESUS Film and his team to show where the Bible and the JESUS Film has been translated around the world. Information from DAWN shows where churches are located. Information from the IMB shows the spread of evangelization around the world. The WorldMAP website opens the door to maps of every country in the world helping anyone to pray and develop strategies for people groups everywhere.

Chris and Kristin have relocated  to Orlando, FL with their three kids, Caleb, Nathan, and Chloe. Please continue to pray for their ministry with the Campus Crusade for Christ and the JESUS Film.


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