Steve and Robin Ronk


Steve and Robin are missionaries serving with Cru (the U.S. ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ) at Cru's World Headquarters in Orlando, FL. From World Headquarters, they are able to touch the lives of people from every tribe, tongue, and nation through Cru's dozens of ministries in 173 countries around the world.

Robin serves on the US Leadership Development and Human Resources Team. This team is responsible for hundreds of new missionaries being sent around the world each year to help fulfill the Great Commission. This includes recruiting, evaluating, preparing, and placing all the new full-time and short-term missionaries with Cru in U.S. and international assignments in strategic locations around the globe. 

Steve serves on the Cru City Human Resources team, which cares for the missionaries who serve in Cru City. Steve will also help with evaluating, preparing, and placing new missionaries within Cru City in U.S. and international assignments in strategic locations around the globe.

Steve and Robin, like all of Cru's other missionaries, must have an ongoing ministry team that prays and financially supports them so that they can focus on God’s calling. All of their salary and ministry expenses come from people like you. Please ask God how He wants you involved in their ministry so that people across the globe can know someone who truly follows Christ.

Your prayers and financial support of their ministry will enable them to continue to reach the world for Christ.

Contact info:

Steve:; 407-832-5834

Robin:; 407-832-5544

Facebook: Robin Randolph Ronk


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