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I serve with the Jesus Film Project to bring JESUS to the world. With over 7,000 languages and two billion functionally illiterate people globally, film evangelism and discipleship tools are the best way to ensure everyone has a chance to understand and embrace the good news of the gospel. The JESUS film (the Gospel of Luke on film) and our other products are currently in 1,801 languages and counting as we produce 2-3 new language versions every week! As you read this an estimated 600,000 people will view one of our films around the world TODAY, hearing and learning about Jesus for the first time in their mother tongue, their “heart language.” They’re watching in open fields, in movie theaters, on TV, DVD players, tablets, mobile phones, and the internet. As a result, thousands of them will experience the gift of eternal life TODAY! We’re passionate about the fulfillment of the Great Commission and that no one should have to learn another language to know and follow Jesus. I serve specifically on our fund development team, helping to ensure these opportunities are funded and able to happen.

I'm so thankful for the team of people God has brought alongside us, who pray and financially support me as I serve with the Jesus Film Project. I’d love to have you join! If you would like to invest in my ongoing ministry, please click on the orange "Give a Gift" box below. Thank you! Your partnership is making an eternal difference in the lives of people all over the world!

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