Matthew and Betsy Guilford


Our Vision: Reflecting Jesus together for the good of the City

Our Mission: Engaging the curious, equipping the follower, so that people find their place in God’s story.  

Before becoming a staff member of Cru (Campus Crusade*) I worked for 12 years for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a medical illustrator. Betsy worked for 12 years as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.

After marrying in 1994 we sensed God's specific call to invest our lives into sharing the life-changing story of Jesus with people around the world. In 1996 we joined staff with Campus Crusade because of their passion for people and specific strategy to reach every person on the planet with the good news of Jesus Christ.​

Since joining Cru we have served in Indianapolis, Southern California and New York City. We are currently serving at our International Headquarters located in Orlando, Florida. I, Matt, am specifically focused on how to take the gospel into the cultural domain of art, media and entertainment. To do this we run summer projects for college-aged art students which expose them to the realities of living missionally in an urban center while pursuing their careers.  We also run artist-in-residence programs which allow post-graduate Creatives to pursue their careers while seamlessly sharing the gospel in a life-on-life way.  Finally, I mentor and disciple approximately 30 Creatives around the country - helping them to understand their identity in Christ, grow in their relationship with Him and understand their gifting from His perspective.

Betsy serves as the Associate Director of Leadership Development and Human Resources for Cru City - our ministry to Cities in the US with populations of 1 million or more. - She is responsible for the ongoing, effective "on-boarding" and training of new staff members and volunteers for ministry service.  In addition to her primary responsibilities with Cru Betsy serves as a chaplain in an Orange County Florida women's jail where she provides spiritual encouragement, jail ministry staff and volunteer training, spiritual retreats for the inmates and worship music at the jail church service one time per month.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us at: / (407) 832-3577 Cell / (321) 662-5433 Cell

Thank you for consideration in partnering with us prayerfully and financially.

Serving Together
Matt & Betsy Guilford

"So that everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus Christ"

*Campus Crusade for Christ International is the parent organization for ministry around the world.  In 2013 the U.S. ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ changed its name to Cru. The name was changed to give our ministry efforts a broader audience in a rapidly changing culture.  The central focus of Cru - Win, Build and Send in the power of the Holy Spirit, has not changed. Cru is not an acronym or an abbreviation for Crusade.

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