Raymond and Laura Haggard Jr


Hello friends,  



Laura and I have been on staff with Campus Crusade for 14-15 years now. For the last 10 years we have served with our team at Ohio University and through that time we have seen the Lord move greatly in the hearts of the students and faculty. Our vision for reaching the college campus began in college where we both, independent of one another, were gripped with the growing need for message of Christ in the lives of Students. Our journey led us to spend 1 and 2 years in Eastern Europe and then to full time staff were we met in 1998 at staff training. We were married a year later and since that time we have devoted our lives to building into "faithful men and women" who will be able to build into others even after graduation. Our desire is to lead them to impact the people around them with a deep love and conviction for Christ lived out in their words and lifestyles. Our hope is that every student at Ohio University will have many opportunities to know Christ during their college career and that each one will know someone who TRULY follows Christ.

Thanks so much for joining our team. We are eternally grateful for your partnership in the Lord's ministry.

If you would like a peek at what is going on with the ministry at OU then check out the following link. www.ouccc.org

In Christ,
Raymond, Laura, Maggie and Ellie Haggard

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