Paul and Robin Hardway


Our Mission: To Reach Every Tribe, Tongue, and Touchscreen with Jesus

Walking With Jesus Africa over 1800 churches started

2018 Jesus Film platform views (including YouTube)       149,905,189

Indicated decisions to follow Jesus, though all Jesus Film platforms:  more than 572 million

Our Passion:  Developing Great Tools

We are passionate about creating quality tools to equip ANYone to share the gospel, disciple others, plant churches, and grow God’s kingdom - not just missionaries in the field.  Our tools can be used around the globe, regardless of culture, background, or spiritual readiness.

Our Goal:  Equip Believers

The goal of Film Production/Broken Phonebooth (Paul) is to make engaging, short, narrative films to help believers around the world begin spiritual conversations which can easily transition into sharing personal testimonies or the gospel.

The goal of Global Outreach Strategies (Robin) is to create digital and printed materials to accompany evangelistic and discipleship tools on the Jesus Film app and website.  These biblical studies are easily accessible and user-friendly to believers around the world.

Our Team:

For the past 23 years, Paul and Robin along with their committed team of partners have served with the ministry of Cru; the past 12 years with the Jesus Film Project.  

Your partnership makes a vital difference in reaching every Tribe, Tongue, and Touchscreen with the gospel!

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