Shawn and Cynthia Bandy


During an illuminating African summer, God opened their eyes to the abject spiritual poverty all around us -- so many cannot read or write. 60 % of the world is functionally illiterate. How do we connect people to Jesus in a way that they can understand and is meaningful?

Shawn grew up in Michigan. As an introvert who was raised in the church, he wanted to serve God. When he was 15 he started serving with the audio/video team at his church. He liked being able to serve God without being in front of the camera, so to speak. He went to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where he received his degree in Electronic Communication. While there, he met Cindy and his world got a whole lot bigger. Cindy took him to Africa (He’d never even been on a plane before). He saw how big God is and how much people needed to hear about him. Cindy is a missionary kid who learned early that God loves ALL his people and wanted to share that message with all those around her. 

After Shawn and Cindy returned home from Africa, Shawn learned that the Jesus Film Project was looking for people to help put the JESUS film into new languages. Shawn and Cindy have been serving with Cru for over 20 years, making these much-needed media tools.

Shawn and Cindy are a vital part of the Jesus Film Project, connecting people worldwide with the gospel of Jesus Christ — in their heart language.

With almost 7000 languages in the world, we have a big job.  We have the technology to accomplish the task, but we need your help to take that “know-how” to those who are waiting on us.

Your gift today of any amount will help send the gospel to people in their heart language.


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