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Tim and Tammy joined staff with Cru in 1997 and have led student movements at Ohio State, Denison University, Northwestern University, and Loyola University. 

Since 2010, we have given leadership to Cru's campus ministries throughout Texas and Louisiana, including many influential universities such as U of Texas, LSU, Rice, Baylor, and Texas A&M. Through these movements, students are mobilized for overseas mission opportunities across the world. Our alumni serve as missionaries in Germany, France, Italy, Greece, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia—and more.

Most of the leaders of tomorrow, in all segments of society including the church, are on our college campuses today. Our vision is to equip graduates to go into every occupation and community, ready to care for others and make an impact for Jesus Christ.

Thank you for helping us invest in the lives of college students and faculty across this region and the world!

"More potently than by any other means, change the university and you can change the world."
- Charles Malik, Former President of the UN General Assembly.

Website: http://www.timandtammynorman.com

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