Rob and Tammy Mittuch Jr


     My name is Rob Mittuch and my wife's name is Tammy. We have 3 beautiful children Ellie, Trey and Mackenzie. We joined staff with CCC the summer of 1997... in fact that is where Tammy and I met!

     Rob and Tammy give leadership to the field ministry in New Jersey, much of Pennsylvania, and Baltimore.  Rob, as the Local Mission Director for this area not only coaches the 8 teams with their 70 staff and 1600 students involved, but also is tasked with opening new movements on college and high school campuses where Cru is not yet present.  Tammy is currently the Director of Mobilization and Recruiting for the entire north east portion of the country.  

     We like to say that what gets us out of bed on a Monday morning is the strategic nature of the college campus.  Most of the future leaders of all segments of our culture, including the church, are currently on our college campuses.  When else does our society bring all of these leaders together into one location?  What better place to make sure that we are sharing the Gospel, and breaking down misconceptions about Jesus Christ and His Church then on the college campus?

     You can contact me at  Thanks!

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