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Every day, millions of people are searching for answers to life's most important questions. Since 2004, Global Media Outreach has been meeting them at their point of need with the timeless truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Using digital advertising and evangelistic websites we reach hundreds of thousands of them each day. Sixty thousand indicate decisions for Christ each day, and those who provide contact information receive clarifying follow-up and discipleship from our thousands of trained online missionaries worldwide, in one of their 22 languages.

Sites like GodLife.com share the gospel message simply and provide a way for visitors to contact us through email, Facebook, SMS or an app. Volunteers at our secure response center are trained to verify their decision and disciple these seekers from their own desktop. About 85% of them are from outside the USA, with 90% using inexpensive mobile devices, which are more common than light bulbs in some nations.

Please join us as we seek to co-labor with God to redeem this powerful communications tool!

Website: http://www.thefieldistheworld.com

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