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Dear Friends,

Many of the armed forces community both in the United States and around the world make huge sacrifices to defend the lives and freedoms of others.  

Romans 13 says that they are ministers of God, unto justice.  

We desire that they have the knowledge of God’s truth and love to guide them in their awesome task.  Marriages can be strengthened. The spiritual wounds of war can be healed. Together we can bring the gospel to military communities!

We labor to grow a caring community passionate about connecting the global military community to Jesus Christ. 

We need your help to ensure our mission can move forward in strength.

Our salaries, medical, and ministry expenses are provided by like-minded believers who care about our troops spiritual health.  

Would you please invest in our labors by making a monthly donation?

You can give your donation of $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 or some other amount?

Thank you!

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