Jayson and Carrie Whelpley


Watch our mission, vision, and calling video at https://youtu.be/6FjK6R3Ie60

God has called us to work to bring the Gospel effectively into people’s lives and we’ll do that where, how and to whom He leads, this we're sure of. We are currently serving God through the Jesus Film Project and personally Orlando's Azalea Park neighborhood.

We're currently doing so as mobilizers - mobilizing believers everywhere to share the Gospel across language barriers and mobilizing trained students for a lifetime of ministry in the "real world".

Jayson is the design lead in the Jesus Film Digital Products Team, which is responsible for the Jesus Film Project website, and the app that enables content to be delivered globally in more than 1,800 languages.

Thank you for your partnership with us and our calling, we could not do any of this without it!

If you have any questions, please email us at jayson.whelpley@cru.org.

Website: http://www.Whelpley.org

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