Jeremy and Darina Adams


Dara and I have lived in Košice, Slovakia with our five kids, Olivia, Boone, Eli, Bry, and James since August 2005.  Dara is Slovak and therefore has lived there forever.  We work for CRU and love our job.  God has given us hearts to share Jesus with the people around us.  Dara and I, along with a number of other staff from around the world, have been invited to come to Orlando for a special program called Lake Hart Stint.  It is a one-year Cru staff development program at our World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Jeremy is working with the Jesus Film Communications Team.  Jesus Film Project is a Cru ministry that has been a huge resource to people to help plant churches all over the world for the last 35 years.  The Jesus Film is the most translated movie ever!  The Jesus Film Project has an app for your phone with the film and many other short films that you can use to share the gospel with your family and friends.

Thank you for considering partnering with Dara and I.

With love,

Jeremy & Dara Adams

(828) 395-0139 (Jeremy cell)


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