Jarrod and Susan Lynn


Susie hails from upstate New York and graduated from University at Buffalo with a degree in Health & Human Services. Jarrod was born and raised in northern California, and graduated from Brown University with degrees in Economics & Engineering and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship. Jarrod and Susie met at the Yellowstone Summer Project in 2006 and were married in 2007. They have 4 kids: Josiah, Grace, Wesley, and Judson.

In our approach to ministry, we strive to bring the whole gospel (the person and the plan) to the whole campus (students, faculty, and ideas) and send it to the whole world (every tongue, tribe, and nation).

During their college years, students will develop

  • their character
  • their values
  • their perceptions of the world
  • and their perspectives on God.

These young people will shape the world of tomorrow. And together, with your help, we can impact the lives of students (and faculty) now in order to make a substantial difference in the future.

Simply stated, were about changed lives. Our focus is not on programs, but on people. We believe life is about relationships--relationships with others and a relationship with God.

As we help college students and coaches and faculty grow in their relationship with God, they, in turn, will reach out to share Christ with their friends and future co-workers. Our desire is that everyone would know someone who truly follows Jesus.

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