Devon and Colleen Reoch


Devon, Colleen, Charis,  Selah, Silas and Ezra.  

We work in campus ministry based out of our adopted home of Salt Lake City. Colleen's focus is primarily international, meeting with international students at the U of Utah and helping to send missionaries from the US to Slovakia. Devon helps to lead mission and strategy for campus teams in the Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado and New Mexico) of Cru. 

There are very few Christians in this state and region. Our desire is to help build Christ's church by making disciples on college campuses who are sent to serve in churches across the Mountain West for a lifetime! 

We are so excited about what God is already doing in this region, from SLC to El Paso! Thank you for helping to build Christ's Kingdom through campus ministry. 

Website: devon.reoch 'at'

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