Katie Thompson


As I explored Cru at Ohio University, I clearly heard the gospel for the first time. In a Cru Bible study, women came alongside me to help me grow in knowing God. I learned to depend on the Holy Spirit, to effectively communicate my faith and how God could use me for His glory. 

 Upon graduation in 2008, I began working full-time with Cru to reach university students with the gospel. As I reached students, God gave me a passion for unreached people groups. I learned that there were people across the world who, even if they wanted to learn about Jesus, had no Christian friends to engage with, no church in their community to stop by and no access to a Bible in their heart language. 

In 2018, I decided to leave the Campus Ministry of Cru to focus on reaching oral learners in unreached people groups through   StoryRunners. The communication pieces I write with StoryRunners will mobilize the Church to provide critical resources so that oral learners across the world can hear the gospel in their heart language. 

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