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We met in Debs home state of Connecticut when Erics first job out of college brought him from Pennsylvania to that state. We began dating November 2 1990 and got married one year, to the day, later! The next year, 1992, we attended our first Weekend to Remember event. This began years of FamilyLife influence in our marriage. Erics career soon moved us to Michigan. Eric has been successful in various engineering and managerial positions throughout his career. This has allowed Deb the privilege to stay home with our three girls Charissa(98), Brenna(01), and Amanda(03).

In the beginning of 2006 we began feeling that God was calling us to something different. Not knowing what that might be, we began praying that God would stretch us. As we followed the steps God laid before us, we realized that stretch would take us further than we ever thought, into full time ministry with FamilyLife! Throughout our support raising process, we continued to feel confirmed that FamilyLife was the place God had for us. In November of 2009 we moved to Little Rock, AR. Eric is now working full time at FamilyLife at the new Florida headquarters. We are blessed to be strengthening families through Gods Word as a part of FamilyLife!

Leaving a Legacy:
Divorce rates are climbing, clearly exceeding the number of weddings by more than fifty percent each year. More than that are married couples who are separated or emotionally divorced. Leaving a legacy of brokenness as our nations heritage.

FamilyLife is working hard to change the kind of legacy our nation is leaving behind. Through marriage conferences, radio programs, and other marriage and parenting resources, practical steps of Gods blueprints for our lives are being laid out through the ministry of FamilyLife.

The following is one couples response to a 2007 FamilyLife marriage conference. Like us, this couple had been married less than one year when they attended this conference:

Wife In three short months of marriage I was absolutely sure Id made a horrible mistake and was certain my husband felt the same way. By lunch time on Sat. we knew this conference was life changing, it opened our eyes and showed us Gods purpose for uswe are on the long, but rewarding road to oneness.

Husband Life changing! I am learning the tools to better my life, better my relationship with my wife and most of all, reconnect with God.

Stories such as this one is why we feel drawn to FamilyLife. We believe the strength of our nation is found in the homes of its people.

Will you join us in building families, one home at a time, who leave Godly legacies?

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