Moses and Marilette Sanchez


Born and raised in New York City, Metro area, Moses and Marilette Sanchez are excited to work together to reach out to the young couples, marriages, and families in New York City, pointing a lost generation to Christ.

FamilyLife NYC exists to gather those that feel isolated, draw them into oneness with Christ & His community, and train them to make an impact in their corner of the world. We collaborate with churches, businesses, governments and volunteers to live out their vision of impacting families near and far. ​

Our vision is to strengthen families throughout New York City so that personal, communal, and generational transformation can happen.

Please join Moses and Marilette in prayer and financial support to make this vision a reality.  If you are close by, consider joining them in this mission.  There are many ways to be part of what they are doing in New York City!


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