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Trent and Tara here. Thanks for being here, praying for us, and praying for France! We are constantly trusting God, and He is constantly providing us with energy, friends, opportunities, and finances as well. Thank you for storing up treasure in heaven... moth and rust cannot destroy!
We are currently in Rennes where approximately 1% are Christ followers.  We have heard things like: "I've never really thought much about God, just like I don't think about Greek Mythology..." "I don't know any practicing Christians- you are the first one I've met," and "Jesus who? Ohh.. the prophet guy?"  What an interesting and international culture we interact with here!  God has put together an international team for us (pictured above), and we're blessed to work alongside them.
Trent is a technology worker for the French and global ministries, and Tara is a part-time graphic designer and full-time mother of four. About 90% of France is agnostic/ atheist/ never-thought-about-it.  Although we knew this before we came, it's still shocking to see. Please pray for us, our neighbors, kids at school, our language skills, and for God to continue opening doors here in France!  We have lots of specific prayer requests in our letters online...
blessed to serve Jesus wherever he leads,
the Schaller family
French address:
please ask us

USA address:
N5931 County Highway ZZ
Onalaska WI 54650


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