Keith and Natalie Back


Thank you so much for checking out our ministry.  We are the Back family, Keith, Natalie, Evan, Silas and Arianna.  We live in Indianapolis and focus on bringing clean water and the gospel to areas of the world that have no access to both.  

We are passionate that nobody should have to live without clean drinking water and everyone deserves the opportunity to know about Christ.  We work as the bridge between Cru and Filter of Hope, an organization passionate about bringing clean water to some of the poorest, marginalized communities across the world.  We mobilize students all across the nation to bring water filters down to Latin America to bring clean water and the gospel to families in need.  We lead teams on 5-6 international trips a year, including campuses and churches.  We also partner with organizations in the Middle East and the 10/40 window to ship filters to their ministry so they can distribute the filters and share the gospel in areas that are less than 1% Christian.  

You can help us bring clean water and the gospel to some of the most neglected places on the planet.  

Pictured above - Evan is 12, Silas is 10, and Arianna is 7.  




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