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Gott!? (God!?) - the challenge and question in graffiti on the front door of a local church here in Germany.  It reflects the spiritual reality of Western Europe where people are skeptical and searching, struggling to believe that the God of the Bible as they've ever understood it actually exists.  The history of state churches leaves people familiar with the words and trappings of religious tradition, making it harder for them to see around what they assume to be Christianity into what it truly means to have a relationship with and follow Jesus.

This is the context the Lord has called us into.  We have been serving in Germany since September 2010 in roles that support work throughout 17 countries in Western Europe. John, with a passion for excellent stewardship and the desire to keep local ministries functioning unhindered, is part of the Agape Europe Finance Team.  With a professional background in a mix of art, education and human development, I take on special projects for the Human Resource and Leadership Development team -  particularly ones that require creative thinking and teaching skills. 

Those are our official roles, but you'll find us soaking up opportunities to spend time with friends, neighbors and whomever else the Lord brings into our home on any on any given day. 

We'd love to have you partner with us in all of it!  If you're interested, please feel free to utilize the links on this page or contact us directly at  johnshelly.gilmore at  And of course, we're happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for taking the time to check out our page.

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