David and Ashley Coffey


The Need

People are clamoring to find security, purpose, identity. To be known deeply and loved deeply. And it is the filling of these with non eternal solutions that leave people empty, neighborhoods broken, nations divided. We believe Jesus provides the solution that will bring healing and transformation. We joined staff with Cru, because we want to connect this message with people's hearts. We want to change the world. 

About Us

David and Ashley met in Western PA at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), our alma mater. We both came into college hungry to grow in our faith. By the time we graduated we'd experienced firsthand the excitement of changed lives and ministry growth. So, after graduating we gave our lives to the cause, helping build movements at IUP, St Francis, Mt Aloysius, UPJ, Penn State Altoona and Penn Highlands. After several years we were challenged to help reinvigorate Cru ministry in the spiritually hungry New York City. We sought the Lord, and in the Fall of 2015 took the plunge. 

About New York City

We believe NYC is one of the best places from which to change the world. It has been called the world's capital. Where else is there a city that rivals Tokyo (business), DC (politics), LA (media), London (theater), and Paris (fashion) all at the same time? Our dream is that one day, NYC would be known not just as a powerhouse for cultural change, but a sending ground of missionary passion. 

The Gospel

We want to give students an opportunity to encounter Jesus, treasure Him and make Him known. It is His message of grace and truth and love lived out by humble Christ-followers that will complete and redeem our society; His gospel of peace is the healing balm our divided country desperately needs. What better place to apply and spread this message, than the largest city in our country?

Your prayers and financial gifts can go a long way in eternally transforming the city and allowing us to thrive. Would you partner with us?

David, Ashley, Emma & Abigail

Website: coffeythoughts.org

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