Brian and Linsey Smith


While in college, we were confronted with the reality that athletes tend to put their identity in their sport instead of with Jesus. We have realized that our passion is to reach students who have placed their identity in their sport and show them who they really are in Christ. Our heart is to see lives transformed as students experience Gods love and forgiveness through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that changed lives by Jesus Christ will allow athletes to use the platform of sport to impact many more lives for Christ.

Linsey's Calling Testimony:
"As a young child I had a desire to serve the Lord in full time ministry. As the years past how that looked changed, and at times was forgotten, however after being involved as a student leader in Athletes in Action I felt called to serve in that ministry. My discipler helped me through the highs and lows of college athletics by challenging me and growing me in my relationship with Christ. That example spurred a passion within me to multiply my life into other lost and seeking athletes. As my involvement with AIA grew the necessity for college sports ministry become more and more apparent. As I was realizing my passion for ministry and the need for labors my husbands vision for ministry was aligning with mine and this completed the calling God placed on my life to serve Him full time with Athletes in Action and Campus Crusade for Christ.

Brian's Calling Testimony:
"My vision for ministry aligning with Linsey's sealed the deal for our path in life. This however was not always the case. Linsey knew that she always wanted to be a missionary and I knew I never wanted to be one. In fact, after college I had planned on becoming a track and cross country coach. After three years of pursuing this I decided to take a short break from coaching and test out interning with Athletes in Action. A week after making that decision, two of my dream coaching jobs opened up. I knew all along that God wanted me to intern but I tried to convince myself that He wanted me to apply to for those coaching jobs. After much prayer I decided to obey God and intern with AIA. One month into my internship God did a 180 on my heart and gave me a clear passion for full time ministry. In serving with AIA I caught the vision of worshiping through sport and all other areas of your life. It is a passion of my that student athletes would not miss out on the joy of including God in every area of their lives."

We currently serve with Athletes in Action while living in Lowell, MI. To hear more about our current ministry watch this short video


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