Anthony and Amylin Bani


Many years ago, God changed my life (Anthony) and set me on a course I did not envision. I came face to face with the love of Jesus through an athletic ministry called Athletes in Action. By God’s grace He merged my life together with my beautiful wife (Amylin), who dreamed her whole childhood of living a life of ministry with her family. In His good plans, we find ourselves on staff with AIA all these years later.

​We want everyone to know our God. It’s remarkable that never before in our history has the Gospel been so accessible to the world. Yet, there is so much competition for our hearts and minds. At the push of a touch screen we can gorge ourselves on counterfeit, microwaved versions of life.

Whether it’s a family with kids in a YMCA soccer league, a sports-fan neighbor, a fitness-nut college friend, a high school football player or a professional athlete in the Middle East, we at Athletes in Action believe athletics is a universal language to build genuine relationships and to have opportunities to share about the true life found in Jesus. Our hearts burn to help catalyze a passion for Jesus in people’s hearts and to help catalyze spiritual movements everywhere, so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Him. This is obviously impossible without God.

To accomplish our slice of the Great Commission will also take the investment of so many. We are seeking people to partner with us financially and in prayer as we together, by faith, strive to bring the love of Jesus to local communities and every corner of Earth. If it would be a joy for you to join us in this way, we would be so grateful.​

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