Anthony and Amylin Bani


Sports have been front and center in politics, religion, social issues and etc. The potential for athletes to influence our world is unprecedented. 

“University of California-Berkeley professor emeritus Dr. Harry Edwards said today’s athletes have a level of power that Muhammed Ali and others didn’t have in the 1960s, and they have begun using it to speak out against violence both by and against police.

“The newfound power of today’s athlete comes from monetary wealth, celebrity status and having the vehicle of social media to communicate directly with the masses. They can reach hordes of people, encouraging them to get involved in social change.”-

Kareem Copeland - A.P. - “Athletes using sports platforms to push for social change”

Imagine more athletes using their God-given platform of sport with His wisdom. Imagine God motivating them with greater love and influence than they can muster on their own. Imagine these athletes publicly and privately shining a spotlight on the One who can cause the most radical social change on the most difficult battlegrounds…our hearts. 

Jesus is the One. Our aim is to help athletes know Jesus, grow in their faith in Jesus and release them with the heart and power of Jesus to change teams and change the world…now and for eternity.

God has continued our journey on staff with Cru through the sports ministry called Athletes in Action. Before now, we were serving in a Leadership Development and Human Resources role at our global headquarters and in campus ministry in Ohio, at our alma mater, Miami University. It has been a privilege, a joy and a great responsibility to have served with Cru in each of these roles.

Our current role, along with 3 others teammates, is to do our part in the larger vision of Cru and ultimately the Great Commission by building spiritual movements at the University of Central Florida and Rollins College through the platform of sports so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. Athletes in Action is partnering with others to extend the love of Jesus to every team, every sport, every nation. 

If it would be a joy to you to partner with us to help reach the the world through sports, we would be so grateful.​

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