Jess Fong


Hi Family!

Thanks for your interest in my ministry. Currently, I am transitioning to the Epic Movement, where I will be connecting students to Jesus Christ. 

Our vision is to see the lives of Asian American students transformed by the Gospel of Christ, which empowers and equips them to a lifestyle of evangelism and discipleship. I initially became involved with Cru as a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey. There, I grew significantly in my faith as I was challenged to see Christ as the only true source of hope and joy. Like others did for me, I want to explain the transformational powers of Christ. 

If you want to hear more or get in contact with me, please email me at I'm honored that you are considering joining my support team, and I pray God would continue to show you how you can change the world with the truth of Jesus Christ. It's a joy to be in partnership with you.

Jess Fong



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