Megan Congin


Stepping onto my college campus for the first time, my hope was found in being loved & affirmed through relationships, athletics, academics, and even the party scene. To my surprise, God completely transformed my life and showed me He is the only One truly worth living for. I want every student to get a chance to say yes to the Gospel the way I did!

But, did you know that the number one thing that prevents missionaries to from getting to their mission fields is the need to raise support? This breaks my heart! Since joining staff with Cru I’ve felt burdened to be part of the solution.

God has given me the privilege of coming alongside Cru staff in the Northeast in this process that we call ministry partner development (MPD)- finding a team of partners who will pray and give toward their ministries so that they can reach students with the Gospel full time.  

Thank you for teaming up with me in getting staff in front of lost people so they can tell them about Jesus!​

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