Edward and Debbie Gersch


We are excited to be serving on staff with Cru. We feel humbled that God has called us to serve him full time through this ministry. We are happy to be involved in a ministry that God is using to change people's lives, and we are grateful for people like you who provide for our ability to serve the Lord where he calls.

  • Debbie served with Athletes in Action from January 1991-June 2018. 
  • Ed served with AIA from June 2011-June 2018. 
  • From  August 2018-June 2019, we moved to Orlando to participate in a one-year leadership development program called Lake Hart Stint (LHS) at the Cru Headquarters. 
  • During LHS, Ed served with Jesus Film Project with the U.S Strategies/Mobilization Team as a Recruiting Specialist. Ed's role was to help individuals consider how best to utilize their gifts and abilities to serve God. Debbie's role was to focus on raising our preschool daughter and assist with Cru or AIA special projects as she was able. 
  • At the end of our time at LHS Ed was asked to stay on with Jesus Film Project and take on the role of Mid-Career Recruiting Specialist in the Leadership Development / Human Resources department. Debbie was offered a part-time role with U.S. Leadership Development / Human Resources - Staff Care.
  • We both accepted these new roles and in August 2019, we made a permanent move to Orlando.  While we miss Ohio, our friends, and church there. The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful home, new friends, and a great church where we can continue to grow in Christ as a family.

To learn more about us and our ministry with Cru, click on the link below. We consider it a privilege to be able to use our gifts and talents to help accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Website: http://www.thegersches.org

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