Steve and Lynda Ingerson


Steve and Lynda Ingerson work with the JESUS Film Project, a ministry of CRU. Steve is the post production supervisor for the Film Production team creating new films for missionaries to use all over the world. 

Lynda is a language production manager of Southern & Eastern Africa. She is part of a new initiative to translate 865 unreached languages into JESUS and other evangelism films and tools. 

Steve and Lynda have worked with the JESUS Film Project since 2011. Both felt led by God to use their visual storytelling talents to bring many souls to Christ and live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

After 28 years operating a video production business, they wanted to produce communication tools for the 
LORD rather for the corporate world.

They receive great joy seeing the reaction from so many pastors and missionaries receiving films in the people’s heart language they are leading to Christ. The Holy Spirit is moving in people all over the world.

We invite you to join Steve and Lynda, in partnering with God, to be a part of His kingdom harvest. It is a journey that God called them to, using their skills for His glory not theirs.

Please continue to pray for their ministry with the JESUS Film Project.

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