Gabor and Edina Gresz


We grew up in communist Hungary behind the Iron Curtain and we got married right after the Iron Curtain came down in 1991 and came on staff with Cru in Hungary in 1992 after we've spent 7 years as volunteers serving with the underground ministry of Cru.

In 1994 we've co-foundad and co-authored the Youth at the Threshold of Life / YTL program and curriculum with Dave & Karen Robinson. YTL became a widely used evangelistic tool that reached to 62 countries and through which we've trained over 8000 educators and shared the gospel with millions of students in classrooms.

In 2004 we've started to serve as the National Director of Cru in Hungary and we've turned over the leadership at the end of 2016. In that 13 years we saw the number of staff growing 400% and we've launched new ministry initiatives, like a new Digital Strategy which covered close to 20% of the population of Hungary.

We've co-authored 3 YTL Curriculum and a book title: "The Outrageous Promise" which tells the amazing story of how God answered the prayers of the church to dismentle the Iron Curtain and the miracles God accomplished through weak vestles. 

Our current role from mid 2017 is YTL Global Director and Strategic Innovations Director for City Ministries. We are serving with Cru City, a new initiative to break into the urban court which is the 21st century's greatest missional challenge. YTL is a key global strategy started in Hungary and now with the experience we've gained through we are helping to break into the education domain of the city. 

Here you can read more about our ministry:

Also, if you like to read a very interesting personal story, here you can read our family story:

Rahel - our oldest was born in 1995. She studies Anatomy, Developmental- and Human Biology in King's London, England.

Renato was born in 1998, currently is graduating from high-schools and a very talented musician.

Gergo was born in 2002. He is finishing middle school. A very diligent and sensitive person.

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