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My name is Gabe and I am currently the Missional Team Leader (MTL) for the Epic LA Metro team. Being the MTL means that I lead the LA team of Epic staff. My team and I are currently present on 2 campuses in the Los Angeles area (USC and Cal State LA). But, our whole scope is all of the LA metro area. Our mission is to "Reach the world in and through the Asian American community by being missional, holistic, redemptive, and grace-based." The dream and hope is that one day, all the campuses in LA are filled with students who love Jesus and seek to glorify Him in everything they do or at least have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ once.

Throughout my years in college, my eyes were opened to just how vital the time in college is in a person's life. College is often a time where people solidfy their identify and what will define their  worth. Specifically for Asian Americans, I have seen that they find their worth in their grades and their future occupation. This fact saddens me as all of these are fleeting. If left unchecked, these distorted identities can lead them to feelings of shame and depression, and can even lead to suicide. 

There is a huge need for these students to hear and experience the gospel and see how it penetrates the every single part of their lives. And God sees this need and desires for these students to hear His voice and come to find their true identity in Him. I believe that God has chosen Epic as one of the ways that He will lead these students to encounter Him.

I would be honored to have you be not only as a prayer partner but as a financial partner as well. Would you prayerfully consider joining my team at $100 monthly? 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at or (909)-524-1109. 

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