Jake Loftis


Do you remember the presures of middle school and high school?

Today students have many compelling voices competing for their attention. There is intense pressure to perform acedemically and athletically. There is peer and sexual pressure. Sexual, substance and emotional abuse. Additionally, as parents continue to be less and less of an available resource, the situation becomes desperate.  For many students, their life begins to feel more and more hopeless. They begin to ask, "Is this really all there is?" 

Our vision is that every student on every campus would have a chance to respond to the hope that Jesus offers. We count it a blessing and a privilege to take the good news of our Savior to these young people. Our desire is to share the Gospel with these students and then build them up in order to then send them out to reach others with this good news. 

We believe this is our part of the misssion that Jesus gave when he left, "Go and make disciples." 


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