Peter Mwonga


"Therefore Go and make Disciples of all Nations..." Matthew 28:19

We joined Campus Crusade for Christ in 1986. In our first 10 years of ministry with Campus Crusade, we served in various strategies, from Music ministry to ministering to young professionals, to training Churches in evangelism and discipleship.

For the last 34 years to date, our ministry assignment is with the JESUS Film Project. Peter is the Sub-Saharan Africa - Global Expansion Operations Director and Associate team leader.  Sub-Saharan Africa is an enormous part of the world with 50 countries, 2041 languages, and a total population of 968,397,795. We believe that no one should have to learn a new language to find out how to spend eternity with God, hence the translation of the JESUS Film into the languages of Sub-Saharan Africa and partnering with the body of Christ to reach the last, the least, and the unengaged. 

Elizabeth is a gifted graphic designer and uses her skills in design to create and layout various ministry materials.

We are currently based at Cru World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. We are blessed with three children and a daughter-in-law. Our first son Seth, married to Winile, our daughter Syovata and our last son Tinashe. 

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Peter & Elizabeth

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