Gedis and Celjeta Manka


We are Gedis & Çeljeta Manka ! 

Gedis : I was born in Lushnje , south-west of Albania . My family has e mixed religious background. My father is a Muslim and my mother Greek orthodox. I used to apply Islam when I was 12  years old. For the first time I heard about Jesus, when I moved in Tirana(capital city) to start the University in Civil Engineering  .  Since first year of University, I took part in an evangelizing  project that CRU Students Ministry in Tirana,  was organizing . After 6 months searching for the truth, I decided to believe in Jesus as my savior. From that time and on,  I was involved (as a student believer) in the ministry, until I finished studying and after that, I joined CRU staff in Albania as a full time missionary.    

 Çeljeta : I was born in a Muslim family in Peshkopi , north-east of Albania. I accepted Jesus when I still was in my hometown, in the local church, through some Americans from Missouri that came to share Gospel, with teenagers in a summer project. I involved with CRU Students Ministry when I came to study in Tirana. This year I finished my Master Degree on Civil's Rights in Law . I decided to join CRU as a full staff missionary . 

About our ministry : Gedis and Cheli are members of CRU team in Elbasan , Albania .  Gedis is the team-leader of our team which is made by 5 CRU staff and 2 apprentice . Our main domain is Campus ministry but we also are partnering with a local church in teenagers ministry and young professionals bible study . 

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