Kami Clark


Thanks to my family and close friends I have grown up knowing God personally and walking with the Lord. Coming into college my freshman year I struggled between doing what I wanted to do and what the Lord desired for me. I ultimately discovered that I needed community and other believers to walk alongside of in order to pursue the Lord well. My sophomore year I got connected with Cru and had women on staff like Sarah Sherrell and Renee Hensley challenge me in my faith, encourage me to grow and help me walk with Jesus. They helped equip me so that I can walk with Jesus for a life time.

My next three years I was able to pour into and walk alongside other college women and disciple them during their time at the University of Washington. The summer of 2014 I was able to go on a short-term mission in Alaska. I spent the 4 weeks alongside other college students sharing the gospel and growing in our faith. We spent a lot of time on the campus of University of Alaska~Anchorage talking with students. It was there I felt God calling me to intern with Cru in Alaska. 

I noticed a theme among students in Anchorage. Either they had a tight-knit group of friends or they had gone an entire year without making a single good friend. I saw the need for a caring and compassionate community on campus. In the fall of 2015 we pioneered Cru at the University of Alaska~Alaska and saw God move in mighty ways. We saw students accept Christ, recommit their lives to Christ, take faith steps, enter into a Christ-like community and invite others in. We went from 0 students to now 30-40 students attending our weekly meetings and Bible Studies. 

I feel God saying He's not done using me here and therefore have said yes to committing to working with Cru long-term after interning for two years! The summer of 2017 I joined staff with Cru alongside 200 other New Staff. The Lord is so good and I am excited for what is to come as I've been assigned to be back in Alaska on staff with Cru at the University of Alaska~Anchorage. 

I love hiking, hanging out with friends and the beautiful state of Alaska. 

Find me on facebook and instagram (@kamimtomyn)


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