Alex Simpson


Why hello!

I graduated from Stockton University in May 2015.  With that, God called me to intern with Cru for one year. During that year, I had the privilege to do ministry with both International and American students at Rowan, Stockton, and Camden County. I grew to love evangelism, discipleship, and teaching everyone about Jesus. I was terrified at first, but the peace and leading of the Holy Spirit made this all possible. Now God has called me to full-time staff with the Jersey Metro Cru team, and I serve students at campuses across New Jersey, and soon I will serve with Joel!  God has blessed me abundantly, and He has shown me the need for ministry with college students in New Jersey. Less than 2% evangelical. Home to the National Atheistic Society. THIS IS OUR HOME. Join me in reaping these harvest fields for the Lord!

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