Mathias and Sylvia Tipa


Welcome!  Mathias and Sylvia TIPA are both full time missionaries working with Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon.  Both answered the call of God while pursuing their studies in university. Mathias obtained a deploma in civil engineering and a degree in International development. Sylvia had a master degree in development and project management in Catholic university Yaounde. They are blessed with three children: Blessing, Joel and Witness. At the moment, Mathias and Sylvia are coordinating the Jesus Film Project in Cameroon. Accelerating the accomplishment of Mobilization 2020. We are the arm of our ministry critical components and also with the Church.

For the new assignment, this is what my National Director of Campus Crusade for Christ wrote " Mathias is coming in at a time when we wish to run away from our office because there are too many demands for Jesus Film equipements. We are also entering an important partnership with Wycliffe Cameroon to reach 5 new towns for Christ between 2019 and 2020 and to produce 20 000 multiplyingg disciples and plant 1200 new churches. Pray for Mathias and his team.Thank you for partnering with us to serve Cameroon and even the Central African Republic".

Thank you for helping them stand on their feet for this work of God


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