Grant Hartley


I became involved in Cru my freshman year at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO; I had grown up in a Christian family and had made a decision to follow Jesus when I was young, but was struggling to follow him in a secular university context.  Friends and staff members in Cru provided a compassionate community in which I could grow in my relationship with God and the resources I needed to make an impact for the kingdom.  

After spending several years involved in Cru as a student leader, serving as a missionary over three summers in East Asia, and serving on a ministry teams at college campuses in Springfield, MO and Riverside, CA, I am a radically different person than I used to be.  God has used Cru to truly transform my life!

One of the biggest areas of growth I have experienced over the past few years is in my heart for building bridges across culture with the gospel, and for reconciliation and unity within the body of Christ.  As I have met students with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, I have increasingly desired to be a part of reconciliation by bringing the gospel message of Christ to students, which has the ability to transform their hearts, minds, and entire lives.  My dream is that through those students, we will be able to see a Church characterized by unity in diversity, and a transformed by the radical love of Christ.

I am currently transitioning to an intern position on a ministry team stationed in Riverside, CA; I will be working toward my vision by reaching students on the campuses of University of California Riverside and California State University San Bernardino.  I would be honored and encouraged by your prayer and financial support in reaching students with the gospel and proclaiming God's glory!

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