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Connect - Thrive - Serve : Toward the Common Good

With the daunting task of mobilizing the workforce’s largest generation toward Kingdom work in New York City, we believe our strategy of Connect - Thrive - Serve is helping to advance God’s redemptive mission in the city.

Connecting the disconnected to Jesus and His people is at the heart of what we do.  This means helping to usher the generation of "no religious affiliation" into an authentic relationship with Christ and into authentic community with fellow Christians.

Thriving in the city means more than merely surviving.  It means discovering your unique Kingdom calling and growing into the whole person God has created you to be.

Serving the city and not simply being “takers” of the city, is the way we will see the culture of New York transformed into Kingdom culture.  Whether it is sharing your faith, loving your neighbor or pursuing justice in the city, we want to help millennials find ways to serve and give back.

Thank you for joining us as we wholeheartedly pursue the common good of New York by mobilizing millennial leaders to make Jesus known.


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