Trevor and Tanya Kravick


Friends, God is on the move!  We are grateful for you desire to join Him.

Three years ago we were invited to help begin what is now known as FamilyLife Local.  Our mission is to reach those far from God and far from the church, disciple believers and multiply spiritual leaders and to help others to do the same.  As Team Leaders with FamilyLife Local we have the privilege of training, equipping and coaching individuals to effectively live out and minister the gospel in their local spheres.  

When the whisperings of Local first began we were one of four couples on staff launching Local and we represented three cities. Today, there are almost one hundred staff that represent over fifty cities in the US who are specifically assigned to this Local ministry movement and over 400 individuals committed to Local ministry in their community, supported by FamilyLife.   As the number of people committed to living out the gospel in their own homes and to helping others do the same continues to increase, so does the need for full-time staff to serve these individuals and families.  

Because we know you desire to advance the Kingdom of God, we consider it a privilege to invite you to parner with us at $100 a month or some other amount to help us become fully funded.  We trust the Lord to meet this need through the generosity of His people. Thank you for storing up eternal treasures with us as together we reach marriages and families with the gospel.

We invite you to join us by clicking the "Give a Gift" button on this page.  A monthly gift of any amount will make a difference in the lives of marriages and families locally and globally.

If you have any questions about our ministry or how your donation will be used or to sign up for our monthly newsletter, please contact us at  We look forward to joining God where He is already at work with you!

Trevor and Tanya Kravick

“The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people.” -Abraham Lincoln


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